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Lean production

 Equipped with all kinds of CNC processing equipment to meet the technical requirements of more than 100 sets, to ensure the stability of process quality, to create a zero defect production system has laid a solid foundation.


Many years of operation quality management system, and reference to Japan's process control management system, formed a system of zero defect operation management mode.

Ten years of experience

Professional in precision mechanical product design, has many years of enterprise operation and management experience, to provide design, production, distribution, one-stop service.

              Core advantage
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Intimate service

Establish a sound customer service system to provide quick and effective technical support and business services to customers.

Design and development

Efficient professional R & D design, to provide customers with technical solutions。

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Industry Technology Solutions

High - end equipment core components suppliers

Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and strive for excellence

—Hyatt production—
Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!

About us

Mai Yue Technologies is committed to become a core component supplier of high-end equipment at home and abroad. Its products mainly include: key precision mechanical transmission parts for automatic control and supporting imported high-end transmission products. Mainly used in the global industrial field, involving domestic precision machine tools, precision equipment, elevators and other important industries

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